Sharjah, UAE

Shortlisted in the top 20 finalists – 44 countries – 190 submissions

A forest of wind towers, a large courtyard, a mirror façade that envelopes part of the project, an underground museum. A traditional interpretation of a space that defines itself as a peculiar project. 

The Hope of an Arab Artist 

Our project simply claims to be a reflection of the Emirate of Sharjah. A cosmopolitan space in a cosmopolitan city. A desirable destination aiming to attract larger crowds by creating a social hub.

More than a museum, our desire is to create an urban project that interacts with the city. It’s the conscious decision of neglecting the conventional building, rather focusing on how to fill the urban void, revitalizing inactive zones. We reckon that to achieve an urban incidence this project must have public space characteristics.

Our intention is to create a multi-use complex, where the public space is dominant. The architecture of the museum becomes secondary while remaining the heart of the project.

The idea of placing so many wind towers, has a technical and philosophical purpose; puzzling a cultural, architectural and climate use, creating an interesting landscape.

In that vertical placement they embody the artists’ craving to emerge from the underground into the international artistic scene: “The hope of an Arab artist”.

Ultimately, equally to the Barjeel Foundation, that is a Sharjah native initiative that focuses on Arab Artists, this hub will represent Arab artists while remaining authentic to Sharjah’s city. Our aim is to go back to the roots but redefine these roots to serve the modern urbanization.

By closing all the pivoting shutters the house becomes hidden and is transformed into terraces and landscape.

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